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WP 5 Population structure

The variability of population structures (from isolated to metapopulations) are being analysed for all 5 species along a European transect. The objective of work package 5 is to collect data along a transect which will eventually enable us to construct models, describing and predicting the effect of different types of landscape (central vs. marginal regions of species distribution ranges, fragmented vs. continuous landscapes). The empirical data collected on population structures, dynamics, and the species mobility over a large range of geographical settings will be used as a central basis for modelling. It will be the first time that such a set of data will be provided for species across a large range of their distribution. MRR studies are being conducted and Pollock's Robust Design implemented to analyse data in various countries to explore metapopulation structures.



©Annett Richter MRR Studies



©Uta Glinka Marking M. nausithous individuals



  1. To analyse the variability of population structures (from isolated populations to structured ones and finally to metapopulations) of all 5 species along a European transect
  2. To analyse the mobility of the 5 species with respect to prevailing population structure


©Josef Settele Maculinea rebeli eggs on Gentiana cruciata


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