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WP 9 Dissemination, Exploitation

WP 9 has the task of putting the scientific and applied results from all WPs (especially WP 8) into the public domain and enabling their wide ranging exploitation. Not only will it concentrate on integrated presentations of the major outcomes (booklets, text books, CD-ROMs, models) but also on collating all the outputs of the project, which we expect to consist of many scientific papers in high profile refereed journals as well as more restricted local publications for people working in nature conservation and management in individual nations and regions. To guarantee a wide exploitation, it will create the conditions (e.g. by negotiating the legal frame conditions in terms of copyright) which are needed for all users to have adequate access to the results, especially the tools developed within this project. As a guaranteed exploitation component, the subcontractors have free access to the results for their future practical conservation work.



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