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WP 8 Co-ordination, synthesis & testing


  1. To co-ordinate the entire project
  2. To manage the data bank
  3. To pool and exploit knowledge in order to manage sites and define landscape carrying capacities across Europe for the 5 Maculinea species listed in the European RDB and Habitats' Directive, and for their ants, food plants and parasitoids (mainly based on results of WPs 4-7)
  4. To exploit the role of Maculinea butterflies as indicators for biodiversity (mainly based on results of WP 2 & 3)
  5. To exploit the role of Maculinea butterflies as tools for the management of biodiversity (mainly based on the results of WP 4 - 7)

At the end of the Project management tools and recommendations will be provided.


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